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Alpine Skills - Safety Module 2

17 June - 18 June


The special course for better rope, knot and climbing technique

Already at the beginning of any whitewater career, one quickly realizes that there is much more to paddling than moving down the river in a kayak. We often traverse areas with extremely alpine characteristics and are constantly faced with challenges that have more in common with classic mountaineering than with kayaking. For example, a loss of a boat or paddle can very quickly become an emergency if the team involved does not have the necessary skills to deal with the situation. And this is exactly what we deal with in the Alpine Skills module of our Safety Training. We see a great need to also take the alpine aspects of whitewater sports seriously and to learn and promote the corresponding skills.

Course schedule

In the morning of the first day of the course there will be a detailed theory session at the Kanucenter Innsbruck (KCI), where we will go through all the important course topics in detail. We will familiarize ourselves with the material and the technical equipment and get important information about the practical exercises, which are part of the course program. After a short lunch break we will go to the climbing hall, where numerous exercises to improve your kicking, rope and climbing technique are waiting for you. After the climbing we will meet again in the canoe center for debriefing and maneuver critique and summarize the most important findings of the day.

The second day of the course will take place - depending on the prevailing water levels - on a river in the greater Innsbruck area. You can look forward to challenging team and individual tasks, which all have a very strong relation to practice. These are situations that we see again and again in the course of our many years of training and private kayak adventures.

Kayak course information

  • Alpine aspects and special challenges of kayak sport
  • Material science and familiarization with the specific tools
  • Weather and map knowledge
  • Modern tools (e.g.: good apps)
  • Recognizing and correctly assessing Alpine hazards
  • Locomotion in the terrain
  • Knot tying and rope technique
  • Construction of fixed points, anchorages and stands
  • Building improvised climbing harness
  • Climbing technique and training of surefootedness (ascent and descent)
  • Active and passive abseiling of persons and material
  • Solutions for climbing with rope
  • Climbing up and down with focus on footwork
  • Skill exercises/simple bouldering with kayak "in the luggage
  • Construction of fixed points and stands in the terrain
  • Correctly place clamping devices in different locations
  • Active and passive abseiling at self-built belay stations
  • Various orientation exercises in the field
  • Practical exercises, which must be solved in groups
  • Gain more safety in alpine emergencies
  • Become more confident and improve climbing technique
  • Have knot and rope solutions ready for the most common problems
  • Gain better orientation skills in the field
  • Depend less on the help of others
  • Luca Daprá
  • Bernie Steidl
  • Canoe Center Innsbruck (KCI)
  • Climbing Center Innsbruck (KI)
  • Rivers in the Innsbruck area

In order to participate in Alpine Skills - Module 2, you must have

  • be in good general health.
  • be at least 14 years old.
  • Kayak clothing and complete kayak equipment
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Well fitting helmet
  • Life jacket with chest strap and panic closure
  • Functioning throw bag (max. 5 years old!)
  • Rescue knife
  • 3 screw carabiner
  • 2 pulleys
  • Band slings in different lengths
  • Cowtail with paddle carabiner (large snap carabiner)
  • First aid kit
  • Climbing shoes (if available)
  • Climbing harness (if available)
  • Dynamic climbing rope (if available)
  • Static rope (if available)

Key data

  • On the first day of the course at 09:00 at the Kanucenter Innsbruck
  • General-Eccher-Straße 1
    6020 Innsbruck
  • Daily from 09:00 until about 17:30
  • Course fee € 240,00
  • Rental equipment € 60,00

You still have questions about this offer? Then contact us at any time by e-mail. We look forward to advising you!


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