Beginners Training

In the kayak Beginners Training the basics are applied and practiced on a river in the second degree of difficulty. After a theoretical repetition of the techniques you have learned in Beginners Course , we step on the gas! Rope ferries until you glide easily over the current; sweeping water until your boat goes in like on rails. The Beginners Training offers you a view of our Advanced 1 Course and prepares you ideally for it. The aim of the course is to consolidate the basics and to gain experience on the river. Even if you have not attended Beginners Course with us, but already have a few days of river experience, this is the right course for you.

We offer our advanced courses in Tyrol, Corsica and Slovenia. Depending on the course location and duration, the course content and schedule will vary. Therefore, please choose one of our advanced courses for detailed information.

In Beginners Training the basics are practiced on easy white water.

Kayak course information

  • Theoretical review of the basics: use of materials, small flow theory, correct sweeping of the water.
  • Repeat and practice the individual paddle strokes
  • Deepen sweeping water driving
  • Steering kayak by weight shift and upper body rotation
  • Use the current: Edge properly and build pressure on the paddle blade!
  • Steering a kayak with weight shift, upper body rotation and the right edge
  • Use paddle as fulcrum
  • Use bow stroke, draw stroke and power stroke in maneuvers
  • Rope ferry across different currents (traverse)
  • Sweeping water with forward stroke and draw stroke
  • Tyrol
  • Corsica
  • Slovenia (Soca)

In order to participate in the kayak course, you must

  • can swim.
  • be in good general health.
  • have first experience in kayak, such as after one of our basic courses.
  • be at least 14 years old (we offer special youth courses ).
  • long sleeve top made of fleece or merino wool
  • Swimwear
  • possibly drinking bottle and cereal bar for the river trip

You already know all that? Then check out our Advanced 1 course.

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