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Piedmont - Valle d'Aosta Camp

3 June - 8 June


We have fallen in love! The unique landscape, the many river sections with the finest bedrock and the southern flair make every paddling trip to this region a very special experience. If you feel reasonably confident on WW IV, you've come to the right place! Are you already paddling sections at the fifth level of difficulty? All the better! Then you can draw on the full potential and have an almost endless choice of streams to paddle! Our one-week kayaking trip will start with three days of paddling in the Valsesia. After letting off steam on the Sesia - including its numerous tributaries - we will move on to the Aosta Valley. The Dora Baltea glacier river offers us absolute water safety and many exciting sections.

Technical to massive

The white water in and around the Valsesia is extremely varied. While the Sesia offers open whitewater from the third to fifth level of difficulty, its tributaries offer the opportunity to paddle steep and technical whitewater with many steps, chutes and waterfalls. The first part of the camp offers you a varied mix of technical "low volume creeking" through to a wild water ride on the various sections of the Sesia. We will have this luxury again in the second half of the week: The Dora Baltea offers us completely different sections. The upper reaches are more technical and the lower reaches, with the famous "Infernocanyon", are top-class whitewater.

We will spend the night at this camp at two logistically well-located campsites and set up our home base there. We will bring a group tent, benches, tables and a fully equipped camp kitchen.

At this camp we offer a Creek 1 and a Creek 2 Course . Please click on one of the courses below to find out more details about the course content and prerequisites.

Your way to WW IV!

Ride your line with ease and a dry spraydeck! At class IV whitewater you can only hit your line if you work with the flow. That's why at Creek 1 Course we look closely at the flow and use it. We analyze the currents and define exactly which weight shift and which pull on the paddle are necessary to precisely ride your chosen line. At the same time, you will learn how to boof and control steps and rollers.

We don't miss a single boof on the Soča! The class III whitewater and IV sections of the Soča provide a playground of stones, baffles and eddies. The current is usually very defined, so it's not difficult to get the right pressure on the paddle. And if the boof doesn't work the first time, there are 100 more opportunities downstream.

  • Be aware of movement sequences: upper body posture and paddle use
  • Analyze complex lines
  • Timing: precise edge changes and stroke sequences
  • Boofen
  • Use flow elements and river obstacles for your own line
  • Navigation tactics in the group: communication and safety
  • Driving impact cushions
  • Boofing over steps and rollers
  • Turning maneuvers in rollers
  • Driving sweeping water combinations
  • Scouting and securing
  • Sesia
  • Mastallone
  • Sermenza
  • Sorba
  • Gronda
  • Dora Baltea
  • Ayasse
  • Other rivers depending on the water level.

To be able to take part in Creek 1 Course , you must

  • Be able to swim confidently
  • Be in overall good health.
  • safely class III whitewater (e.g. Untere Ötz, abseiling section of the Soča, Brandenberger Ache: Wiesklamm, Loisach).
  • master the Whitewater Roll (at least 80% roll-up rate).
  • be at least 14 years old.
  • WW IV independently and safely.
  • Getting pressure on the paddle blade at the crucial moment.
  • Drive lines precisely.
  • Finding sensible places to boulder and implementing a sequence of movements with the right timing.

Creeking perfection course!

If you feel comfortable on class IV whitewater , can confidently hit your lines and no longer have any major deficits in your kayaking technique, then this is the right course for you. It's all about moving fluidly in difficult white water.

Ride your lines with little effort and lots of style. We'll show you how it all works and give you valuable tips that will help you on heavy white water and massively increase the fun factor.

Safety is of course also an important topic in this course. But don't worry - we won't be standing around pointlessly on the bank with the throw bag at every spot. Instead, we'll think about what kind of safety device makes sense where and why and then implement it as quickly as possible. After all, we want to paddle!

At Creek 2 Course , we assume that you have mastered all the technical skills required to navigate WW IV safely and independently. During the course, we deal with tactical considerations and put the finishing touches to your technique. The program includes, for example

  • Analyze lines and drive precisely
  • Finding the fast line
  • Leanboof
  • Landing steps safely
  • Minimize effort through efficient paddling style
  • Maximize pressure on the paddle blade at the decisive moment
  • Sesia
  • Sermenza
  • Sermenzina
  • Egua
  • Sorba
  • Gronda
  • Mastallone
  • Dora Baltea
  • Ayasse
  • Other rivers depending on the water level.

To be able to take part in Creek 2 Course , you must

  • class IV whitewater can drive with confidence.
  • have experience in safety.
  • safely eskimotieren.
  • Navigate heavy white water with ease.
  • Assess locations correctly and organize access.
  • Independently create a safety concept for heavy driving.

Free course places

There are still places available!

There are still places available!

Key data and prices

  • We meet on the first day of the course at 10:00 a.m. at the "Il Gatto e la Volpe" campsite in the village of Campertogno.
  • We will spend the first few nights at the "Il Gatto e la Volpe" campsite, directly on the banks of the Sesia. Where we will stay in the Aosta Valley depends on the size of the group and the weather and will be decided spontaneously. Thanks to Luca's connections, there are a few options available.
  • 6-day kayak course
  • Maximum of 5 participants per kayak instructor
  • Rental equipment (optional)
  • Kitchen tent
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Barbecue
  • Tables and benches

Course fee per person

€ 750

Rental equipment (optional)

€ 180

Do you have any questions about this offer? Then contact us at any time by e-mail. We look forward to advising you!

Level of difficulty

WW3, WW4 and WW5