Welcome to SOURCE TO SEA kayak school

Here we've written down why we think you'll be great with us and why we should definitely go paddling together!

We are a diverse and large team, always working to develop his and your kayaking talent and improve the offer of the kayak school. We are also committed to preserving natural rivers, the foundation of our sport, through various projects.

What distinguishes the kayak school?

With us you learn in small groups of maximum 5 people per kayak instructor. Since the foundation of S2S, in 2009, not only our team, but also the spectrum of teaching content has grown steadily. In our program you will find, besides the general kayak courses, offers ranging from freestyle to youth courses to a 3-module Safety Training range. We offer camps where we know our way around. And that are meanwhile many areas worldwide!

What are we good at?

We are all passionate kayakers and see our task in supporting you in the best possible way and bringing you closer to your goals. Besides teaching you precise kayaking techniques, one of our main goals is to show you the beauty and versatility of this sport and to make it fun. Since we are so excited about kayaking ourselves, we have always been especially good at helping young talents get started. Some of them have even made it to the S2S Pro Team!

What is the team like?

In our team, kayak instructors who have been teaching full-time since the founding of S2S come together with young talents. During our joint tours and courses, we pass on our tips and tricks to each other and thus always ensure a breath of fresh air and innovation in the kayak school. We are all unstoppable when it comes to the river and have a lot of fun with our work! On our team page you can see all our faces and learn more about each person.

How do I find my desired course at S2S?

If you already know the level of difficulty you want to learn, filter our course calendar by the appropriate WW difficulty level. You want to go far away, but don't know where yet? Then browse our camp overview page. Do you want to learn something specific? Then scroll through our course offerings or filter by course type in the course calendar. And if you're unsure which course will get you ahead the fastest, just give us a call or send us an email!