Corsica is not only one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, but also the hotspot for kayakers at the start of the season! No wonder that the Corsica Camps have been a fixed part of our event calendar for over ten years. Corsica offers versatile white water in all degrees of difficulty and therefore ideal conditions for our kayak courses.
While the temperatures at home are still quite fresh in March and April, we are usually already spoiled with pleasant temperatures and beautiful weather at this time of year on Corsica.
Contact us if you need help with the course or camp selection. We are happy to help you!

Even before Easter, Corsica offers spring weather for the first paddle strokes of the season.

Dates Corsica Camps in spring

Courses in all levels of difficulty

Whether you're just starting out kayaking or looking for class V whitewater , Corsica has it all! Also, Corsica's rivers are ideal to paddle in after a long winter break to start the kayak season fit and motivated. We have courses in Corsica in several difficulty levels in parallel, so you will surely paddle in a group that fits well.

At the top of each date, you'll see which course difficulty we're offering that week. To find out which course is right for you, check out our course descriptions, or just send us an email!

The camp and the daily schedule

We will set up camp at the Ernella campsite. You can sleep there either in a tent or in your bus, or take a room. In the morning we have breakfast, then a short meeting about the day's plan. During the day everyone is out on the river somewhere on the island. In the late afternoon or early evening the groups come back to the campsite. In the evening we cook, either one group cooks for all or our cook cooks for all groups - depending on the camp week.

For detailed info on the camp weeks, click on one of the dates above.