Whitewater Roll

The roll on the river opens the way to more difficult white water.

This course is about transferring your role from stagnant to flowing water. We focus specifically on the psychological aspects in order to build up confidence in your own role. We start in still water and slowly work our way up to more difficult exercises. We pay close attention to the personal difficulties of each individual.
Because those who are more confident when practising learn faster!

The course for all those who can roll on the lake and still get off too often on the river.

Information about the kayak course

  • Adapting the rolling technique to the requirements on the river
  • Orientation under water
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Strategies for difficult situations
  • Rolling in a light current
  • Rolling in waves and moving water
  • Rollers in intersection zones and turbulent flows
  • Rollers with rock contact
  • Exercises to set up the paddle under water
  • Exercises for more composure during the Eskimo roll in white water

To take part in this course, you must

  • Be able to swim confidently
  • master the reel safely on standing water(here is the course).
  • Be in overall good health.
  • can paddle WW II safely.
  • be at least 14 years old (we offer courses for groups of younger paddlers on request).
  • Roll up in white water
  • Overcoming individual difficulties when implementing the Eskimo roll in white water
  • Develop a strategy for coping with anxiety
  • Individual exercises to take home with you

Dates and further information