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Kayak Freestyle Course

24 June - 25 June


Have you always wanted to try kayak freestyle? Or maybe you're just stuck with your next trick? Whether it's the first spin in the wave or the last finesse to McNasty, in our Freestyle Course we show you how it's done!

In the course we develop your technique from where you are right now. Starting with the basics like controlled surfing and the right upper body position, to spins, loops and more complicated tricks. To help you visualize your moves, we'll video them and show them to you! Our freestyler Roman will give you unerring tips that will quickly take you further. And one thing is for sure: after this weekend in and next to the wave, you won't want to stop playboarding!

Kayak course information

  • Kayak surfing basics
  • Explanation of the terms in canoe freestyle
  • Learn different moves from spin to phonix monkey
  • Shallow water freestyle basics
  • Video analysis
  • Playboat rolling techniques
  • Controlled surfing in the wave with and without the use of a paddle
  • Learn movement sequences during moves in the dry and apply them on the wave
  • Improving technique through video analysis
  • Isar wave in Plattling

In order to participate in the freestyle course, you must

  • can swim.
  • be in good general health.
  • master the Whitewater Roll (at least 80% rewind rate).
  • be at least 14 years old.
  • bring a freestyle kayak. If you don't have one (yet), we can lend you one.
  • Discover freestyle for yourself
  • Learn new moves and improve already known ones
  • Get to know video analysis as a means of self-training
  • Long sleeve top in fleece or merino wool
  • Swimwear

Key data

  • Isar wave in Plattling
  • 10:00
  • Daily from 10:00 a.m. to about 6:00 p.m.
  • Course fee € 240,00
  • Rental equipment € 60,00

You still have questions about this offer? Then contact us at any time by e-mail. We look forward to advising you!


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