Creek 1

Ride your line with ease and dry spray! On class IV whitewater you only hit your line when you work with the flow. That's why at Creek 1 Course we look closely at the flow and use it. We analyze the currents, and define exactly which weight shift and which pull on the paddle are necessary to precisely ride your line of choice. Along the way you learn to boof and control steps and rollers.
We offer our Creek 1 courses in Tyrol, Corsica, Piedmont & Aosta Valley, Southern France & Verdon, Norway, Engadine and Slovenia. Depending on the course location and duration, the course content and schedule will vary. Please select one of our many Creek 1 courses for detailed information.

Our Creek 1 Course will take you all over Europe and make you safe on class IV whitewater.

Creek 1 Kayak Course Information

  • Become aware of movement sequences: upper body posture and paddle use
  • Analyze complex lines
  • Timing: Precisely implement edge changes and stroke sequences
  • Boofen
  • Use flow elements and river obstacles for your own line
  • Group driving tactics: communication and safety
  • Impact cushion ride
  • Boofing over steps and rollers
  • Turning maneuver in rollers
  • Driving sweep water combinations
  • Scout and secure
  • Tyrol
  • Corsica
  • Piedmont & Aosta
  • South of France & Verdon
  • Norway
  • Engadine
  • Slovenia (Soča)

To participate in the Creek 1 kayak course, you must

  • Be able to swim confidently
  • Be in overall good health.
  • ride safely class III whitewater (e.g. Lower Ötz, abseil section of the Soča, Brandenberger Ache: Wiesklamm, Loisach).
  • master the Whitewater Roll (at least 80% rewind rate).
  • WW IV independently and safely navigated
  • Getting pressure on the paddle blade at the decisive moment
  • Drive lines precisely
  • Find meaningful places to boulder and implement sequence of movements with proper timing

You already know the technique and class IV whitewater you ride anyway? Then check out our Creek 2 course!

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