Quirin Haslberger paddles in his black Waka Puffy Steeze on the Wellerbrücke section of the Ötztaler Ache.

Creek 2

Welcome to the Creek 2 kayak course! If you generally feel confident on class IV whitewater , you hit your lines, roll safely and your fellow paddlers:inside can rely on you in whitewater, then this is your course! This is all about moving fluidly in heavy whitewater. While we paddle as much as possible, we look at where your potential lies to expand your technique and learn new things.
While visiting spots, for example, you will realize that even impressive rapids are often not that difficult to ride. But also, on which inconspicuous details it depends here often with the topic Safety. We will teach you techniques that will make it easier for you to decide whether you want to ride a spot or not. Because at the end of the day, this is what counts beyond the WW IV limit.
Once you have made the decision to go, you will be able to move with more ease, more style and more fun in difficult white water after this course!
We offer our Creek 2 courses in Tyrol, Corsica, Piedmont & Aosta Valley, Southern France & Verdon, Norway, and on the Zambezi. Depending on the course location and duration, the course content and schedule will vary. Please select one of our many Creek 2 courses for detailed information.

At Creek 2 Course we look at the many aspects of paddling that go beyond good technique.

Creek 2 Kayak Course Information

At Creek 2 Course we assume that you are already able to navigate WW IV independently. Based on this, we refine your technique and give you important tips. The program includes for example:

  • Analyze lines and drive precisely
  • Find the fast line
  • Landing steps safely
  • Minimize effort through efficient paddling style
  • Maximize pressure on the paddle blade at the decisive moment
  • Powerful boofing
  • Tyrol
  • Corsica
  • Piedmont & Aosta
  • South of France & Verdon
  • Norway
  • Zambia

In order to participate at Creek 2 Course , you must

  • class IV whitewater can drive independently.
  • have experience in safety.
  • eskimote safely.
  • Ride heavy whitewater with ease.
  • Correctly assess and successfully navigate spots.
  • Have the right safety solution ready in an emergency.

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