Advanced 1

In the Advanced 1 kayak course you will gain confidence on class II whitewater. The goal is that at the end of the course you will be able to travel with your friends, even without "better drivers", on class II whitewater sections. The technique that you learn here, you will of course later use in the heavy whitewater.

We offer our F1 courses in Tyrol, Corsica and Slovenia. Depending on the course location and duration, the course content and schedule vary. Therefore, please select one of our numerous F1 courses for detailed information.

This course will make you confident on class II whitewater.

Information about the advanced 1 kayak course

  • Repeat the basic techniques on the lake
  • Refine and correctly apply control strokes
  • Flow theory
  • Recognize and use different currents
  • Steering kayak by weight shift and upper body rotation
  • Dynamic sweeping
  • Control of the kayak by proper edging and pulling the paddle blade
  • Eskimo roll on the lake
  • Basics of safety in white water
  • Draw stroke zigzag on the lake
  • Powerstroke eight at the lake (build up and hold torque)
  • Rope ferry across various currents (traverse)
  • Fluid and efficient sweeping with minimal effort
  • Sweep water combinations with different obstacles
  • Implementing fast S-turns through upper body rotation and the "right look
  • Punch stones and extend impact bollards
  • Tyrol
  • Corsica
  • Slovenia (Soca)

In order to participate at Advanced 1 Course you must

  • can swim.
  • be in good general health.
  • have first experience on class II whitewater , such as after our Beginners Training.
  • be at least 14 years old (for younger ones we offer special youth courses ).
  • Consolidate and deepen the basic techniques
  • Be able to drive independently class II whitewater

You can do all that already? Then check out our Advanced 2 course!

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