Saut du Doubs

Saut du Doubs | Author: Maike Möst, S2S Pro Team

In 2021, there was supposed to be a lot of rain instead of snow on New Year's Eve. This made it clear that most likely the Saut du Doubs would run. A waterfall about 27 m high, which was on my list for some time. So the decision was clear that it would go to the Jura. Normally it always has too little water and only runs when there is a lot of precipitation.
But when we started in the morning on December 31, 2021, it still had too much. (150 cubic, he is driven so between 70 and 100 cubic).

Therefore, we first made our way to the Loue, one of my absolute
favorite streams. The Loue rises from a karst spring and you can get in and out of the mountain directly at the source

The Saut du Doubs calls

In the afternoon of the first of January, the Saut du Doubs then had a navigable level. 100
cubic meters, still a lot of water, but navigable.

The Saut du Doubs is right on the border between France and Switzerland. You park
your car in France and then carry over a bridge into Switzerland to get in and
get out again in France at the end. The only problem with this is that
you are not allowed to kayak in the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. When I was already
once there last year, the security people from the waterfall came and we fled as fast as
possible over to France, so as not to have to pay a fine.

Therefore, it was clear that the whole thing must go relatively quickly. And we went directly
changed with boats to the waterfall. Scouting is quite easy due to the viewing platforms from
both sides and from opposite the fall. Since I found by the high
water level the approach very difficult, I decided not to go. The other three went anyway and luckily everything went well.

In the evening we spent the night in the parking lot above the waterfall. I was
quite sad that I have not driven. The whole night I looked again and again on
my cell phone for the water level and calculated for me that it could be just enough on the next
morning very early.

It becomes serious

The next morning it had 75 cubes. Perfect. Still in the dark we went down
to scout. The line looked good and Niels also joined in. So again with boat down to the waterfall. Short warm up and go through the line again in the head. Niels went first. When he was down I got a sign, everything seemed to have gone well.

Then it was my turn. Spraydeck closed. In the backwater take another deep breath, briefly
courage to speak and then we're off. Out of the backwater
everything went very quickly. I'm already at the edge, wait a moment, the position fits. Then
and then I was already down.

The pool was quite boily. The first roll attempt didn't work, but then I was
on top. Pretty happy and satisfied with my line I drove to shore. And then
even got the boat carried up to the car.

A perfect start to the day and the new paddling year. Afterwards we had breakfast in the sun.

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